Ask for credits by mobile

Request credits for the mobile from the entity’s ‘app’

Currently, many entities have their own applications for smartphones (both for Android and iOS) from which we can request and contract their loans. For example, several banks offer pre-approved credits that can be acquired quickly through their apps, while some companies have also created their mobile applications so that users can get their products through mobile.

For example, the applications of the mini credit lenders allow us to carry out the following operations:

  • Check the status of our online mini-credit: amount, expiration date, days in which it is valid …
  • Modify the return period, although depending on the entity and the policy of each loan it will be possible or not.
  • Request an additional amount.
  • Automate payments to avoid possible penalties for delay.

In addition, we will achieve greater speed in the application process, since once we have registered and we are customers, we will not have to send our documentation again, so the process will be much more agile and comfortable.

Loans with the mobile version and other applications

That a lender does not have its own mobile application does not mean, in any case, that we can not request and manage the loan from a smartphone. Virtually all mini-credit companies and traditional banking institutions adapt their web pages to reading from their mobile phones, so we can process the request as if we did it through any other device with an Internet connection such as with a computer or a tablet.

In addition to the mobile version, in some cases they allow us to use text SMS-s to communicate with the entity or send photos of our documents via WhatsApp, especially when we do not have an email account. However, it is essential that we make sure that the images we send are perfectly legible to avoid rejecting our request.

Hal-Cash: the convenience of withdrawing cash at ATMs

If we talk about new technologies related to money management, one of the latest developments is Hal-Cash. It is a novel system that offers the possibility of sending money with a mobile phone or other methods of remote banking and picking it up at an ATM using two secret codes.

The system is very simple. The clients of the entities that are covered by the service have to order a transfer through the telephone, mobile or Internet to a mobile device. For this, it is only necessary to know the recipient’s phone number, the amount of money we want to transfer and create a password. The receiver can be oneself.

Once the transfer has been made, the issuer must communicate the password that has been generated to the recipient of the money. In turn, it will receive a second password generated by the bank. Once you have both keys, you only have to go to an ATM that has the Hal-Cash service, enter the codes and collect the money, all this, without having to enter the card.

Requirements that require to request credits by mobile

As is logical, we can not ask for credits for the mobile phone if we do not meet the solvency requirements required to access these products. The conditions may vary depending on the entity we go to (for example, private companies are more flexible than banks), but there are a number of basic requirements that we must meet, in most cases, if we want to achieve a payday loan through our smartphone :

  • Be of legal age: to request credits by mobile we must be at least 18 years old, although some companies demand that we be over 21 or 25 years old.
  • Be residents: we must live permanently in the national territory
  • Have enough income: to request credits by mobile we must enjoy the justifiable, sufficient and regular income. It does not necessarily have to be a payroll, it can also be a pension, the unemployment benefit or the IRPF, for example.
  • No pending debts: in order to access the financing that we need, we cannot be registered in delinquent files such as RAI or ASNEF. In the case that we were there, there are some fast credit entities that do offer to finance to people in ASNEF. In order to access these credits we must meet two additional requirements:
    • That the debt does not exceed 1,000 euros, although some entities will set the limit at 500 euros or 2,000 euros
    • That has no relationship with a bank, for example, debts related to credit cards, payroll advances, bank overdrafts, mortgages …

Fulfilling these simple requirements we can ask for credits by mobile without any problem and receive the money in our account in a few minutes. Thanks to the new technologies, the entities will be able to carry out the analysis prior to the concession in a few minutes, they will give us an almost immediate response and we will be able to enjoy the quick money in our account in a few minutes.

When will I receive the credit I request with my mobile?

Thanks to the new technologies applied in the current financial market, obtaining fast money are becoming shorter. So much so, that currently we can have amounts of up to 1,200 euros in a matter of minutes. However, we must bear in mind that there are certain factors that can delay this and, therefore, make us receive the money up to a maximum of 48 hours.

The main factors that affect the time of granting are the moment in which we apply for the capital, the banking entities with which the lender to which we have gone and the state in which the documents we send are located, that is, that are updated and that is perfectly legible.