Banks that do not charge Money Transfer and EFT Fee

Banks that do not receive EFT fees, Banks that do not receive remuneration fees, Information about Banks that do not receive remuneration and EFT fees 2019 will continue in our article. Money transfer transactions between banks or within the same bank are referred to as remittance and EFT transactions.

We transfer money transfer transactions within the same bank and EFT transfer money transfer transactions from one bank to another bank. While some banks charge a fee for these transfers, some do not charge fees. There are many banks that you can choose to make free eft, as well as many banks that do not receive remittance eft. In order to carry out all these free of charge transactions, let’s examine the banks that do not charge fees!

Banks not receiving EFT Fee

Banks not receiving EFT Fee

EFT is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used transactions in money transfer transactions. However, in addition to EFT, we also use wire transfer for the money transfers we make at the same bank. Some banks even charge fees for money transfers within your own bank, while some banks allow you to make EFT and Wire Transfer transactions without taking this fee. If you want to make a wire transfer without charge, you should read our article!

Recently, we have started to follow up payments and cash flow through banks. With some payments, we manage debt and credit relationships, and we can use at least one of the remittance methods, even during shopping. Thanks to the fact that our payments are recorded and have a formal basis, you can send money more safely and you can record these shipments. However, if you do not want to pay fees when performing such transactions, you should definitely take a look at our list of banks that do not receive EFT fees.

Banks that do not receive Remittance and EFT Fee


With the introduction of the digital banking term, all of our transactions became very quick and easy to manage. The digital initiatives of the banks have made almost all banks into a race and the banks have taken many steps to provide the best service.

One of the most important features of digital banking is that you do not charge any fees for your banking transactions. These digital banks, which serve without a physical bank branch, are actually familiar banks. Banks that do not receive remittance and EFT fees, in fact, allow us to do many more transactions for free. Let’s examine these banks together.

EFT Free Banks

EFT Free Banks

You can make your EFT transactions free of charge by using the banks listed above. In addition to all these banks, ING Bank, DenizBank and Guaranteed Bank can be used as an example for banks that do not receive EFT fees through campaigns they conduct in certain periods. Although I guarantee Bank charges EFT for the time being, Bank FastPay allows you to make free EFT.

You can also read our Daily EFT Shipping Limit article to get information about banks’ daily eft limit and you can easily make your EFT transactions within the limits.