“Love in February” – win Valentine’s Day prizes in by applying for a loan

From February 7 to 28 this year Loan Plus customers have the chance to take part in the special Valentine’s “Love in February” competition. As the main prize in the competition 5,000 usd has been provided, and 6 consolation prizes in the amount of 500 usd will be awarded.

The loan can be obtained by at least 21-year-old us citizens

So it seems that this game is worth the candle, especially since it does not require a lot of work. To be able to take part in the competition, all you have to do is take out any loan in Loan Plus (maximum usd 8,000 for 45 days) , then complete the sentence “Dream Valentine’s Day is …” and wait until March 5 this year, which is to announce the list of winners the lender’s website and Facebook profile.

After a positive result of the creditworthiness examination and verification in the BIG database, who have no unpaid obligations in the Plus Loan. Good luck to everyone who wishes to receive the loan and the competition!

50 usd discount at Bedecas and Loan for our users

Clara Peggotty in cooperation with already known lenders Bedecas and Lofersa prepared a very attractive surprise for their clients and users. Thanks to the specially generated rebate codes for us, you can receive up to usd 50 to pay off a paid loan commission – i.e. the second and each subsequent one.

To receive the discount, you only need to enter the code “temporarily_50” after logging in to your customer account. It is an unconditional rebate and does not require more creditworthiness, additional certificates, or the use of other company services.

A loan with a rebate code can be obtained up to usd 2,500 with repayment within 30 days . Of course, the terms of the first free loan in both companies remain unchanged – it is still possible to borrow up to usd 1,000 without interest and commissions for 30 days. The offer is limited in time and – let’s remember – the decisive factor is the positive result of the creditworthiness analysis. The APRC of the loan is 1306.71%.

Loan with guarantee in Nera Money – guarantor’s age reduced to 18 years

People looking for a secure loan granted despite a bad result in TLV will certainly be glad that Nera Money has recently slightly liberalized the requirements for the guarantor. From now on, the person who will vouch for the borrower and undertakes to take over the repayment of the obligation in the event that he cannot pay it, must be at least 18 years old and be the owner of the property in US.

This is a big change, because so far the lower age limit for the guarantor was 25 years. In addition, both the guarantor and the borrower must show regular income at least in the minimum amount and live in US. A loan at Nera Money can be obtained online and will be granted within 24 hours. The amount that can be obtained is usd 25,000 with a 5-year repayment period (60 monthly installments). Bad credit scoring is not taken into account in the creditworthiness test.